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Concrete Cutting & Coring
Concrete Cutting & Coring

Mildura concrete cutting and coring provide experienced operators & the best available equipment for all your concrete cutting & coring needs. With 25 years working with concrete we can achieve the highest quality results on your project whether it be big or small.

Concrete Grinding Mildura
Concrete Grinding

Besides cutting your concrete we can also grind or polish to whatever stage is to your liking - salt n pepper, grind to expose, full polish or grind and seal.

Concrete Repairing Mildura
Concrete Repairing

We can repair damaged concrete with our premium grade epoxy resin. For small patches up to whole floors. Also control cut joint filling or grinding a trip hazard.

Concrete Splitting Mildura
Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting is a unique way to remove that awkward size block of concrete, where a saw just cant reach. It can be split into manageable size pieces, easy for removal.


We have form work for any size pits.

Concrete Pouring Mildura

Concrete Pouring

Concrete pouring and finishing process depends so much on the temperature that dry hot weather can speed up the hardening process or on very cool days you may have to spend a lot of time waiting for the concrete to reach the next stage