Concrete Grinding and Polishing Mildura

Concrete Grinding and Finishing Mildura

Concrete services Mildura offers comprehensive concrete grinding and pouring techniques. Concrete grinding involves preparing the floor and grinding the concrete to transform the look of the current floor. Concrete grinding can be done to a matt or high gloss finish and they are commonly used to prepare the concrete for other sub-floors.

Light concrete grinding will produce a polished concrete finish with a minimum amount of aggregate exposed and usually the concrete will be ground to a flat and uniform surface and the concrete grinding and polishing mildura will even out the high and low points. Some grinding methods of concrete grinding and polishing used by Mildura concrete cutting and coring are light, medium and heavy grind depending upon the level of aggregate exposure needed and the previous mix history of the floor.

The level of concrete polishing of course depends on the use of the floor. For example ware house floors need a different type of polishing compared to a retail showroom . The basic polishing of course involves removal of major grind marks, cleaning the floor and applying a minimum of two coatings of sealant preferably a solvent based acrylic sealer. A medium level of polishing used by concrete grinding and polishing Mildura involves removal of grind marks to give a smooth and flat surface, apply appropriate grouting and regrind surface to fill air holes , fill and repair cracks and apply sealant of epoxy or polyurethane type.

For a high level of concrete polishing used in houses, retail showrooms or restaurants the concrete floor is ground to give an even exposure of aggregate, to a much finer standard, visible scratching is removed to reveal a fine and flat surface and then the floor is given a resin based protective sealant finish enhancing the natural colour of the concrete and giving a high gloss finish. This finish has exceptional low maintenance and high abrasion resistance.

A well polished concrete floor requires little maintenance, enhanced abrasion resistance and impact strength occurs due to polishing and scratching and wear is minimized. Usage of toxic chemicals is completely eliminated adhering to safety environmental standards.

While new constructions can of course have greater control over the finish look, an established floor can also be given the same look and polished to the desired level of aggregate exposure and finish by concrete grinding and polishing mildura.

Acrylic sealers are used to form a thin protective film that provides good protection against and water and chloride intrusion. They are also UV resistant and non-yellowing while allowing moisture to escape from the concrete slab. They can be used to enhance the beauty of coloured, stamped or exposed aggregate concrete. Acrylic sealers especially solvent based perform better than water based products for outdoor use and will enhance the colour better.

Polished concrete due to recent technological advances are now grinding concrete floors to a high gloss finish that never needs waxing or coatings. With the natural durability and enhanced performance polished concrete offers an alternative to marble and granite floorings. The ability to choose the level of sheen from satin to high gloss is an advantage.